SuperBox S1 | SuperBox S1 Pro Review

SuperBox S1| SuperBox S1 Pro Review

With cable and satellite television bills getting higher and higher every day, millions of people around the world are choosing to cut the cord and turn to other options to get their live TV.

And while there are plenty of streaming services on the market today that offer more affordable solutions, almost all of them have shortcomings and hang-ups compared to traditional cable and satellite – and some of them are getting pretty pricey, too.

Thankfully though, with the SuperBox S1, you won’t EVER have to pay another cable or satellite bill again.

At the same time you’ll get access to all your favorite TV shows, live sports and news, pay-per-view events from around the world, and hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies available on demand – at your fingertips – all without any headache or hassle whatsoever.

Sound too good to be true?

Then you’ll want to pay attention to all the inside information we share below.

Never Pay Another Cable Bill Again

You’ll be pleased to know that the SuperBox S1 (and the SuperBox S1 Pro) both give you instant access to IPTV services in a sleek, compact, and beautiful piece of hardware that hooks right up to your TV and your internet connection to stream live television – and so much more – straight out of the box.

IPTV services are available for next to nothing (just a few dollars a month) and provide access to thousands and thousands of television channels, including the channels you would have gotten with a standard cable and satellite service, from all around the world.

On top of that, many of the most popular IPTV services also provide video-on-demand libraries for hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies, instant (and free) access to pay-per-view content – including big fights and sporting events – as well as the ability to watch TV without any geographic limitations.

This is huge for people that want to watch local news while they travel as well as folks that want to enjoy their favorite teams live without having to spend a mountain of money on exclusive and expensive streaming packages.

VOD Services Built Right In

The video-on-demand (VOD) services that the SuperBox S1 has baked right in our nothing short of exceptional.

You’ll be able to search for your favorite movies and television shows with just a few clicks of a button, accessing shows available on premium streaming platforms as well as those that aren’t available on traditional streaming solutions – even stretching back decades and decades in the past.

Even popular movies in theaters right now are available on some of the VOD services that the SuperBox S1 and SuperBox S1 Pro provide.

Next Gen Streaming Hardware

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There are certainly other “streaming boxes” on the market today that you could pick and choose from, but none of them are as powerful or as easy to use right out of the box the way that this particular option is.

Running one of the latest versions of Android as the operating system, these streaming boxes take advantage of quad core processors, at least 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, and use next-generation Wi-Fi connectivity options to stream 4K and 6K content at 60 frames per second – all without breaking a sweat.

Combine that with plenty of onboard storage (16 GB) with the ability to add more through USB or microSD card options, 24/7 dedicated customer service and support, and the easiest to take advantage of user-interface in the business today it is easy to see why so many people fall head over heels in love with everything this streaming box has to offer.

This piece of hardware is cutting-edge, lightning fast, and self updating so that you don’t have to worry about any “heavy lifting” when it comes to getting your new streaming set up and running.

More Than Half a Million Apps Available

One of the coolest things about the SuperBox S1 is the fact that it is so flexible and so extensible.

Because it runs one of the latest versions of Android you’re going to have access to more than half a million mobile applications that you can install in just a few clicks – turning this into a media playing powerhouse, a portable computer, and a digital gaming system (and so much more)!

The fact that you can run and use this box with a dedicated mobile app remote control system that works on your favorite phone is another game changer, but again you’ll have the opportunity to download other applications, cast your music and your media from your phone to your streaming box, and so much more – all while having access to the full Android application marketplace.

Ready to Go Right Out of the Box

One of the biggest advantages (maybe THE biggest advantage) of this particular system is that it is set up and ready to go just as soon you take it out of the box and plug it in.

The initial setup process should take about 10 minutes from start to finish and before you know it you’ll be watching your favorite shows, your favorite movies, your favorite teams, or special premium events from around the world – without having to spend a mountain of money on expensive cable or satellite bills ever again.

On top of that, this system has been designed to self update automatically as necessary so that it is always current, always ready to rock and roll, and always providing you with the best features available at any point in time.

It really doesn’t get much better than this.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, there are a lot of pieces of streaming hardware that have made similar promises to what the SuperBox S1 guarantees – but none of them have been able to deliver the goods as effectively (or as easily) as this streaming set up does.

Whether you choose to go with the base model of this streaming box or the SuperBox S1 Pro is entirely up to you. What we can tell you, though, is that your TV and movie watching experience is never going to be the same after you’ve tried this out.

It really is possible to save money AND get more value when you take advantage of this streaming hardware. Check this set up out today!

Superbox s1 pro
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50% OFF! Orignal Price is $598!!


  1. I must say this sounds great! My cable was is hitting me for over $100 a month, so it’s definitely time for me to cut the chord. And this Superbox S1 Pro is only $299 one-time, right? …not monthly. Well if so I’m definitely trying it!”

  2. I should state this sounds incredible! This Superbox S1 Pro is just $299 one-time. I’m certainly trying it!

  3. The pay-per-view is what most companies are not allowing; watching events from around the world, and hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies available on demand using superboxs will be interesting. Cant wait

  4. With this plenty of onboard storage (16 GB) combined, can I still have access to saved movies on the storage even if my subscription is exhausted?? This is one of the reasons I hated my present cable company

  5. Superbox S1 PRO serves two purposes which I will say: first, it saves you some cash and second: you enjoy your streaming as it gives value.
    Also, the one time payment is another to look into….nice review!

  6. Whether you choose to go with the base model of this streaming box or the SuperBox S1 Pro is entirely up to you. As for me, I will rather go for value and something that will serve us better with unlimited access to apps.

  7. This is the best thing I ever heard..I need to get this superbox S1..anything that will save me from paying for cables monthly.. I love the fact fact that it is flexible and extensible also runs one of the latest android..that is so has a plethora of advantages and I love it

  8. Wow, just like I am dreaming. This is perked flexible and not pricey. I will love to have this. The internal additional memory space is incredible. Who those that🤣🤣

  9. This one is really a great option. You can really save a lot while watching your shows live.

  10. Can you record with this box?

  11. Value of my money is what I am craving for. Moreover this will give me access to more wider channels that ordinary cable wont offer. I am falling in love 🥰

  12. This looks really great. I might get one as soon as my next paycheck comes in. I really never have to worry about cable TV bills again.

  13. How can we get tech support for any problem or any issue of the shows or the box itself? Do you have contact no, email support and etc.


  14. Can you use this in the uk

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