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Best Android Box for Streaming Live TV in 2020

Streaming android devices are becoming a major thing at home for those who wants to cut their cable bills. In the US the average cost of cable tv per year is $700. There are many kind of Android Box or Streaming device on the market but there’s always something one step above the rest. What is the best android box for streaming live tv in 2020?

Let me introduce the latest android IPTV box in the market. This small but powerful box includes a lifetime pre installed app called Blue TV and VOD. Blue TV will let you watch thousands of local channels in the US, Canada and United Kingdom. There are also few local channels from other countries but the major market is US, Canada and UK. It is called SuperBox S1 Pro and this box will give you access to your favorite movies, sports, tv shows news and many more around the world. The price of superbox is $299 one time payment only. After buying the box you don’t need to worry about monthly bills, this is a one time payment only.

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Everything you need is in the box. You only need at least 10MB internet connection an HDMI cord and a TV with HDMI slot to enjoy watching your favorite movies in HD. That’s why SuperBox S1 Pro is the Best Android Box for Streaming Live TV in 2020.

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