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What Makes SuperBox S1 IPTV BOX Remarkable?

With the exceptionally appeal in the marketplace for a superior amusement, it’s nothing unexpected that IPTV boxes like SuperBOX S1 happened to be a success. This foreseen gadget that goes to be a trend had intrigued individuals about what factors could be their grounds to think about purchasing this certainly helpful instrument.



Today, we’ll take a gander at the best features that SuperBOX S1 IPTV box has and examine its streaming performance for quick consideration. In spite of the fact that IPTV boxes in the market are diverse in their own specific manner, they do share a several features: prevalent performance above other brands, ease of use, fast streaming, quick plug-and-play arrangement, and a huge library of content.

1. Prevalent Performance Above Other Brands

Offering 4K is the current big thing for 4K TVs and 4K content because it delivers a sharper, more defined image. What makes SuperBOX S1 IPTV box special is that is supports high definition resolution of at most 4k@60fps that can clearly show the raindrops, snow or even leaves falling with detailed backdrop and such. No buffering or no freezing will be experienced as much as your internet connection is consistent and at least 8mbps.

2. Ease of use

A device to be exceptional among others is that it should be user-friendly and easy to use in general. Grandparents, children and even people who is not fond of spending too much time in technology should be able to enjoy the features that SuperBOX S1 IPTV box offers. This device can also be a great help if the family bonding you have been planning for a long time wasn’t happening any time soon because you have no idea at all on what to do or where to start. With the help of SuperBOX S1 IPTV box, you can just sit back in the couch with your family, have some popcorn in your hands, and be able to watch thousands of movies you wish to see.

Another feature this device has is, its remote has this specific feature that has 4 buttons for TV and the rest for the IPTV box itself. It includes 16:9 button, and other buttons that makes it easier to be accessible. By that, SuperBOX is your perfect companion.

3. Quick plug-and-play arrangement

One requirement for this SUPERBOX S1 IPTV box to work is to have at least AV or HDMI input. The package includes the IPTV box, power adapter, HDMI, remote controller, and user manual. You just have to attach the HDMI cable to the box and your tv, attach the power adapter to your box then plug it. Connect your IPTV box to your Wi-Fi then install blueVOD and blueTV. From that, you’ll be able to access everything.

4. Large Library of Content It has over a thousand of US channels, tv series and movies. It can also be downloaded of applications because of its 16GB internal storage and SD card that supports up to 128 GB. You can also play music and can act as your computer by searching in the internet. This can be used by a student in your house searching for assignments, your grandparents searching for music they can enjoy with or children that can watch their favorite cartoons.

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